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The legendary Pink Mobile Beauty Salon – “Relax Space”.

With a great passion on cosmetic and beauty, Ms Lee xxx Hui and Ms Lee Chih Hui, two 7th grade undergraduate students, hired experts to remodel a small truck from inside out into a romantic pink mobile beauty salon studio. This dreamy romantic pink truck has transformed as a “beauty salon studio”, which is named as “Relax Space” (means a space for relaxing) providing the maintenance and protection services for hand and foot. This mobile beauty salon studio provides the busy business people with the great convenience, as the mobile beauty salon can directly go to the downstairs of your offices or home to provide the hand and foot beauty salon services. With the innovative ideas, these two sisters grasp the trend of the times, creating their platform.


新年好禮 三選一

新年好禮 三選一 🎉 ▶️足部做保濕課程(有去角質+保濕蜜蠟敷膜),加購單色凝膠居然......只需3折😘 ▶️手做單色凝膠只需要加購680就可以得到價值1080的賦活保養+去角質(至手肘)😉 ▶️只愛保養的客人也別擔心,消費滿$2000,與技術者擲骰子比大小,贏者立馬折 現金$300😱 不管是喜愛凝膠的人 或是 單純只喜歡保養的人.....這次都有大大優惠喔😉😉 預約專線: 03-4276501、0930580507


To the car operating industry, the most common is the action of the dining car, but there are seven-year sisters brains move very fast, in the 2007 financial turmoil, think of fat card with their beauty nail professional, into action beauty car, Sure enough, they look unique, just one year, to make millions of action beauty earned, but also opened a shop. Also want to shop another pair of brother, it is because the operation of the action car, the two family life gradually improved, sister and thus gradually out of the pain of widowed. A car that improves the livelihood of two families. Behind every fat card, what kind of life story?


Address: 1F., No. 147, Zhengguang St., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: +886-3-4920628,  phone: +886-930-580507
Business hours: 10: 00-20: 00